S&S the Musical!

Extreme breaking news alert! There’s a musical version of Sense and Sensibility!!

If there’s one thing we at GBO&D love more than a period drama it’s a period drama musical (case in point: The Woman in White musical, which we’ve had to enjoy vicariously over Spotify) (more genuine case in point: Les Mis). And we’ve just heard that by some miraculous fortune, a stage musical version of Sense and Sensibility, our adaptation-club (have to think of a better name for this) book of the month, is currently showing!

Only downside? It’s in Denver, Colorado. We’re in London, England. Unless a generous sponsor fancies stumping up for two state-side airfares,* then this Youtube montage is probably as close as we’re going to get.

Loving the dramatic sneezing…

* (One airfare might be adequate although we’d then need to have a Fanny Dashwood/Lucy Steele-style catfight to decide who went.)