Help! Where Am I?

Welcome to Gin, Brimstone, Onions & Disease! Your hosts are Helen and Jess. We’re both PhD students working on nineteenth-century literature and this is our space for sounding off about what we’re reading, what we’re watching, what we find funny and what we’re thinking about in general. As you’ll notice the page is still in its early stages but don’t worry, it will soon fill up with Victorian-flavoured delights.

A little direction as to what you can find where:

– We’re staging a monthly themed watch-along of period dramas and adaptations based on a particular text, kicking off with Sense and Sensibility (yes we know it’s not Victorian but it is nineteenth century, stop being so pedantic). Lined up we have the 1995 Ang Lee film, the 1981 and 2008 BBC dramas and a film from 2011 called From Prada to Nada which we’re assured is based on S&S. Our thoughts, reviews and other content will be appearing over the course of the month (May 2013). If you’ve any more suggestions for adaptations we’ve missed, please let us know!

– For our other innovative feature ‘What Would Ruskin Do?’ we invite our readers to submit problems, queries, dilemmas and uncertainties for resolution by the mighty mind of this nineteenth-century sage. In something of a coup we’ve obtained a post-mortem hotline to Ruskin’s thoughts and opinions (he has plenty) and he’s more than willing to bestow his wisdom on our less fortunate correspondents. Hit him up here.

– If you want to have a look at what we’ve been reading (and what we think of it), you can find our ‘Books’ page here.

– Non-watchalong TV and film content, plus any excursions on which we’ve taken ourselves, can be found in the ‘Entertainments’ section.

– Everything else (cookery, Victorian-relevant news items, content relating to gin, brimstone, onions or disease) can be found in the GBO&D Miscellany section.

– And we also have a Tumblr page (‘Onions’) where we blog (and re-blog) shorter bits and bobs: images, quotations, gifs and memes.